In this example, we’ll create a Filter for our previously created Dashboard. To do this, start from your Edit Dashboard page and click the Add new Filter button. This will take you to the filter form.

Edit Filter

Once you've navigated to the Edit Filter page, you'll see our familiar layout: main area on the left, settings on the right.

The main area of the page is where we'll configure the Filter. Let's set the following values:


Table: Task

Order100 (Note: setting this value adjusts the positioning, from left to right, of the Filter buttons on the Dashboard. Ex: 100 is more left than 200.)

Conditions: Active is true

Under the right column you can adjust the Filter Title, and you'll also see the Dashboard that the filter belongs to. 

New for 3.20.40 we have also created Dynamic Filters that allow you to further customize your filtering.

Here's an example of how one could be configured for the Incident chart we've previously created: