American Pharoah Release Notes

VividCharts American Pharoah has been published to the ServiceNow store on 1/6/2021 and is jam-packed with some pretty crazy new features and improvements to bring more power to your reporting. We believe that reporting should never slow you down, and this release speaks to that. Below are a few key features in this release to take note of.

Data Design System

The Data Design System was created to let everyday users create reports and dashboards that look like a professional designer built them. This also allows you to create a consistent look and feel across all of your VividCharts components.



Data Design System Themes allow you to create a set of Slate Styles and more that can be used by VividCharts Creators. These Themes will automatically apply these styles as your Creators are building in VividCharts. This will reduce time spent styling significantly and give everyone end products that they are proud of.


Theme Variables

Theme Variables allow you to apply variables into your Slate Styles that can then be set in a given Theme. This will let you make the Themes extremely repeatable as you create new ones.

Chart Improvements


List Embedded Scores

This is a feature that many of our customers have been keeping a close eye on. With this release, you can now create List Embedded Scores that can be added as a column in our List chart type. These can be scripted or calculated and will essentially let you create custom columns without having to add them to the table itself.


Color Mapping

Have you ever wanted the same color to be used for the same value across all of the charts on a given dashboard? Color Mapping allows you to do that. In the Palette Explorer on the Chart Options page, you can now specify which color should be applied to which value if you would like.


Label Mapping

Similar to Color Mapping, have you ever wanted to adjust the label of a chart value without adjusting it on the ServiceNow table? Label Mapping allows you to do that in the Palette Explorer on the Chart Options page.

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