2020 Fall Release Notes

VividCharts 2020 Fall Release has been Published to the ServiceNow store on Sept. 24, 2020 with some new and exciting features that continue to allow our users to win back time in their reporting processes!



Do you ever find yourself building multiple Dashboards with the same layout, but different record conditions? Need an easy way to iterate through multiple records and output Dashboards with a consistent look and feel? 


With our 2020 Fall Release, we’re introducing Repeaters! Start by building a Dashboard to act as a template, apply conditions to the Dashboard and iteratively build out a multi-page experience based on the records the conditions return. 


Repeaters can be viewed/shared on their own, or embedded within a Narrative for easy slide deck building.



Think of Snapshots as a way to easily save the current state of a Dashboard or Narrative. No more building multiple Dashboards/Narratives that only have slight differences between them. Users can utilize the Snapshot feature to adjust their Dashboards and Narratives as they evolve. 



To give users a bit more organizational control over Dashboards, we’ve built out a custom tagging feature that allows you to categorize your Dashboards. We’ve made Tags extremely flexible so you’re able to build out Tags that make sense for your organization and apply them in a way that makes sense for you! No more searching for a Dashboard or sets of Dashboards that are related. Simply apply a Tag and filter your Dashboards list by one or multiple Tags for a more efficient workflow.


As always, we’ve cleaned up a few bugs and made a number of “under-the-hood” improvements to continue to make your reporting experience the best in breed.

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