2020 Summer Release Notes

VividCharts Summer 2020 release has been Published to the ServiceNow store on July 15th, 2020 with over 90 improvements and additions based on customer feedback.

Export Narrative to PowerPoint

VividChart Narratives can now be exported to Powerpoint, & requires only one export action. Previously Narratives had to be exported slide by slide.

Out-of-the-box Report Integration

You can now use base ServiceNow reports as a source for VividCharts charts which will inherit conditions and visualization types. A tremendous time saving for those who’ve already built reports and want to transfer them in VividCharts.

Combo Charts

Multiple single-dimension time-series charts can be layered with Combo Charts.

Chart Improvements

Many charts have been improved by adding options per customer feedback or even changing the way some less intuitive chart features work.

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